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Eye of Horus

Exclusive leather shoulder bag

Eye of Horus - black/bronze/silver
Eye of Horus - black/bronze/silver
Eye of Horus - stones on the bag
Eye of Horus with purse
Eye of Horus - back
Eye of Horus - buttom
Eye of Horus - black/bronze/silver
The magic eye
Eye of Horus - Ivory/bronze/silver
Eye of Horus - side
Eye of Horus - back
Eye of Horus - inside
Eye of Horus - stones

Heavenly message:


„ There is no End without a Start „



Horus is the God of Sun and Sky, depicted with a head of falcon, associated with vitality, good health and rebirth. The eye is the amulet of protection and wisdom, which also represents our ability to purity and insight.


About the bag:


He is a big sized shoulder bag from cow leather, decorated with special stones and pendants.

With a big open pocket outside, a handle made with sponge, a magnetic lock, inside quality silk lining in light hazel, zipped and open pockets, keyholder strap.


Size: 40x42x14cm Handle: 50cm


Used stones: mookait,  sodalit, tiger eye, ametist, carneol


Available combinations:


  • 1. Black basic + bronze and silver

  • 2. Black basic + gold and silver

  • 3. Ivory basic + bronze and silver

  • 4. Ivory basic + gold and silver

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