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owner: Szabó Éva Barbara

e-mail: barbtailor@gmail.com

adress: H-7628 Pécs,

Deák Ferenc u. 84.

VAT N°: HU 26492537


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Sunset Magic

Exclusive leather case

Heavenly message:


„ The Sky is bending down to You, if You want it too”



Beautiful design with the sewing and gold Barb Tailor pendant, it symbolizes the magical power of Sunshine, which is the key for Life as a whole.


About the case:


Practical, small sized case, for storing either pens and other stationery, or glasses, or perhaps make-up.

To care for Your glasses, we make the Sunset Magical case with sponge.


Size: 21x7,5x1cm


Available colours:


  • 1. Silver - leather

  • 2. Gold - leather

  • 3. Bronze - leather

  • 4. Ivory - leather

  • 5. Black - leather

  • 6. Deep red - leather