Unique Leather Works Hungary Kft.

owner: Szabó Éva Barbara

e-mail: barbtailor@gmail.com

adress: H-7628 Pécs,

Deák Ferenc u. 84.

VAT N°: HU 26492537


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Tiger Lilys

These bags were made from real leather, more of them with different sides. We use quality silk lining. You will find two pockets, and keyholder strap inside.

Decorated with happy fringe and flowers.

Enjoy the summer time with a Tiger Lily bag :)

If You are interesting to buy a unique bag from me,

or you would like to sell more of them in your shop, please feel free to contact me. As the bags here were made in limited quantity,

we have to discuss about your order.


Thanks for your understanding:)


Barb Tailor