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Magical bags with a heavenly message is my first exclusive collection.

I was inspired and helped from the spiritual level of my life. I also got information from my previous life from ancient Egypt, so I can tell you that I have truly travelled back in time in my mind. In the last few months I have discovered many things about symbols and culture.

I began to understand the value of the last few thousand years and the message from the past

for the New age. With this journey I have designed my best collection ever.

I have brought my spiritual values and knowledge from the past into the present, and I would like to give You all my love and passion that I have felt while creating and now presenting this wonderful collection.


Why are these bags so special? 


This collection helps you to discover your feminine side.

The bags are filled up and sanctified with the energy of the Sun and the Moon.

They radiate power, which enables you to become balanced with yourself.



These bags are solely made for special order, therefore we kindly ask you to be patient until the creations are ready. We can tailor every piece to make them absolutely unique, with the use of a different shape or leather than what you can see in the pictures to make sure Your bag is an absolutely unique piece.



Feel free to subscribe to my Newsletter, or just simply let me know any of your questions or impressions about the bags.



But first please feel welcome to discover my new collection. 


I thank God for all help from Heaven and Earth.

Barb Tailor

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