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As my dreams come true...


Why just Barb Tailor?       



I'm just listening back in my mind from many years ago my good friend's dangle:

Barb, just do the bags!

But then I was not ready to make anything, yet. And as I'm looking back now, it was a long way to arrive to here, and by now, I can open my inner door, and I'm presenting

the fruits and merits of my heart to the world.


All my bags represent important phases of my life. My development,

as I'm discovering my own talent,

as I feel intuitively with the help of my creativity and fantasy,

and what I would like to implement.


The road roots deeper, as I had to find first the rise, where the Woman in me was born. 

I had to find my lost mind, at the level of my own spirit and knowledge.

I broke down my restrictive beliefs, a big part of them, that I had picked up during my lives.


I'm undergoing a deep spiritual transformation in my mind,

to become able to impress my surroundings in a positive way, with the way I am changing.

This process is still going, but I feel and live it.

I can now take in, the clear being who I am, better and better.


I can now understand, how Woman I am. I am perfect with my values and my mistakes.


This is my message with my bags:

Find Yourself, discover in Your mind what the missing 

true value of being Woman.


And it is hard to start walking on this road, but we can think of this, as our odyssey.

Let's live bravely and free, let's listen to our inner voice, to our feelings, intuition.

Let it Be either wild and full of fight, or Be in a love and embrace and laughter.


Because the Diversity of Women is magical.


So let's live this Magic!




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