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Breeze from the sea

Exclusive leather handbag

Breeze from the sea and gloves
Breeze from the see with big purse
Lion in the wind
Breeze from the sea with pendant
Moon pendant
Breeze from the sea buttom
Breeze from the sea - side wiev

Heavenly message:


„ Your energies brighten up by the beauty of the southern breeze „



The four elements – Fire, Water, Earth and Air – are all around us. The wind may be soft and smooth,

or stormy and destructive as well, sweeping away everything. It also symbolises the soul of a Woman, since we all possess these abilities, but we should be able to use our power appropriately.

This bag brings softness and intimacy into your life.


About the bag:


She was dreamed from excellent woven fabric and leather, with golden metal accessories and a metal zipper. Inside quality silk lining in light hazel, zipped and open pockets, keyholder strap.


Size: 30x30x18cm, Handle: 42cm


Available colors:


  • 1. Bronze leather +  brown tone woven fabric

  • 2. Ivory leather + brown tone woven fabric

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