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Divine Balance

Exclusive leather handbag

Divine Balance shoulder bag
Divine Balance - symbol
Divine Balance - light side
Akhneton & Nefertiti
Divine Balance - dark side

Heavenly message:


„ The Sky is bending down to You, if You want it too”



The Pyramid is the symbol of Holy Trinity and Divine unity, implying ancient knowledge from thousands of years ago. Endless researches prove the existence of Eras that had long gone, and their message to the mankind, that there is a Creative Power that shaped our Life.             

The pyramids have survived through time, like a signpost, perfectly designed for us in the past, thousands of years ago. With her energy, this bag helps us experience the primary trust.


About the bag:


Made from the combination of black, ivory, bronze and silver leather. The two sides of the bag are different in colour. Closed with a metal zipper. Inside quality silk lining in light hazel, zipped and

open pockets, keyholder strap.


Size: 30x30x18cm, Handle: 42cm


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