Magical purse

Exclusive big size purse

Heavenly message:


„ The Sky is bending down to You, if You want it too”



The purse is the most important accessory in our life. The Magical purse is symbolizes the point of view with the fullness of the different levels of our life. A unique piece can help to magnetize the material needs into Your life.


About the purse:


Big size purse with zipped pocket for coins, 12 pcs pockets for cards, and quit a big place for Your money. We make it with gold colour metal zipp, quality silk lining.


Size: 21x10x3cm


Available colours:


  • 1. Black Diamond – fabric

  • 2. Breeze from the see – fabric

  • 3. Silver - leather

  • 4. Gold - leather

  • 5. Bronze -leather

  • 6. Deep red - leather 


Unique Leather Works Hungary Kft.

owner: Szabó Éva Barbara


adress: H-7628 Pécs,

Deák Ferenc u. 84.

VAT N°: HU 26492537


copyright © by Barb Tailor 2019.


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