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Red Sand - Black Sand

Exclusive leather shoulder bag with Nefertiti pendants

Red Sand - shoulder bag
Red Sand - side
Red Sand - back
Red Sand - buttom
Red Sand - closing part
Red Sand - Nefertiti pendant
Queen Nefertiti
Black Sand - Nefertiti pendant
Red Sand - Black Sand
Black Sand - shoulder bag and cases
Black Sand - side
Black Sand - buttom
Black Sand with accessories

Heavenly message:


„ Beauty doesn’t only come from inside, but You have to do for it „



Nefertiti’s personality in Ancient Egypt left a lasting impression, since she affected the whole world in a positive way with her female energy. People turning to her were impressed by her beauty, selflessness, healing power, magical knowledge and love.


About the bag:


She is a middle-sized leather bag combined with quality woven fabric, outside with two zipped pockets, decorated with Nefertiti’s puller in gold colour. Supplied with a magnetic lock, inside quality silk lining in light hazel, zipped and open pockets, keyholder strap.


Size: 30x30x14cm Handle: 55cm


Available combinations:


  • 1. Deep red leather + striped fabric

  • 2. Black leather + striped fabric

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