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Rose of the Desert - jewel-bag

Exclusive leather handbag

Rose of Desert bag - main part
Rose of Desert bronze&silver - front
Rose of Desert - side wiev
Rose of Desert - back side
Rose of Desert - buttom
Rose of Desert - inside
Rose of Desert bronze and case
Rose of Desert gold-silver main part
Akhenaton and his family
Rose of Desert bags
Rose of Desert big size - front
Rose of Desert gold&silver - side
Rose of Desert big size buttom
Rose of Desert gold&silver
Black&silver + gold&silver
Rose of Desert black&silver
Rose of Desert big size - side wiev
Rose of Desert bag main part

Heavenly message:


„ The energies don’t come from the level of the Earth, but they are come down from Heaven, and the whole sky is illuminated by the radiance of the Sun „



The Desert Rose is a jewel dreamed from leather. Her radiation is a fascinating experience. Her colours reflect the inseparable Sun and Moon, and the eternal cycle of our life. She radiates this trustworthiness, balance, vitality and symbolizes stability.


About the bag:


She is a small sized handbag, made from bronze and silver leather. Closed with a metal zipper, inside quality silk lining in light hazel, zipped and open pockets, keyholder strap.

You can order in two different sizes.




Small: 25x22x12cm, Handle: 44cm

Big: 31x25x13cm, Handle 55cm


Available combinations:


  • 1. Gold + silver leather

  • 2. Bronze + silver leather

  • 3. Black + silver leather

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