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Black Diamond

Exclusive leather handbag

Scarabeus pendant
Scarabeus icon
Scarabeus pendant
Scarabeus pendant
Scarabeus pendant

Heavenly message:


„ The darkness of the Night and the beauty of the Sun are the one and the same „



The name of this bag was inspired by the colours and the geometric forms.  In the ancient Greek language this stone is called Adamas, which means unbreakable. The colours of the diamond are various. It is the hardest material, it can only be polished with its own powder.


With her energy, this bag helps us in our persistence to reach our goals, suggesting that we are able to stand up for ourselves in our life. But her curves imply the softness of the Woman inside us.


About the bag:


She was dreamed from excellent woven fabric and leather, with golden metal accessories and metal zipper. Inside quality silk lining in light hazel, zipped and open pockets, keyholder strap.


Size: 30x30x18cm, Handle: 42cm


Available colors:


  • 1. Black leather + grey tone woven fabric

  • 2. Ivory leather + grey tone woven fabric

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