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street fashion shootings

shootings from the years

Our Shop's adress:
7621 Pécs, Ferencesek street 19.

call BARB TAILOR  for personal appointment
Phone: +36 20 589 6039


... made with Love for You ...
Barb Tailor
unique design

magicbox the shop

Our big dream came true at the beginning of 2022.
We opened our little, but heartwarming shop in the historical part of Pécs.

This whole process was a miracle. It felt like the universe or God was helping us with our plan.
I found this place, like it was hidden from other people and it was waiting for us. 
From the first sight to the day of the opening, about only a month passed by, but it was filled with excitement, passion and creativity.

We dreamed this shop together with my daughter.
Our intention was to work with each other and to make value and beauty to this world.

These were the first moments in the shop, while we moved in. 
Enjoy the little footage as we did :)